So you've booked the entertainment you

need but then you have the worry of what

 to do with the rest of the night.  That's

where our experience and expertise

can help you turn a night to remember

 into a night they'll never forget. 


We can provide a tailor made show to

 suit your needs exactly, whatever

your budget, whatever your theme,

whatever your audience. 

Maybe you want a comedian, a

 band and a glamorous female vocalist

to open the show, or a full night

of comedy with two or three comedians

 over the course of the night.  How

about a tribute night with Take That

topping the bill and Tina Turner to open it!  

 Or even an authentic 60's or 70's night

with an original band from that decade,

and  the show opened by a solo

 tribute to that era.  All of these shows

 can be supplied complete with 

compere  and disco covering the

particular theme for an all round night

of spectacular entertainment.

Call us for any advice you may need.  

 The options are limitless but we will

 be on hand to help and advise all we can

 to (tailor) make your night a total success.




We can provide A3 and A4 posters to advertise and promote your event. Limited quantities apply, but we can supply the same in PDF, Jpeg or CD format for you to copy and print to suit your requirements.


Tel   - 01928 581311
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